Can we have room for moderation and forgiveness?

In our incredibly divided culture, is there a way of moderation? Is there a way of change? When people DO change, do we believe it any more?

One such divisive person has been Glenn Beck. I remember him from his FoxNews days and how I came to a place I couldn’t stand his vitriol. Last year I read an amazing story in The New York Times about how he “changed.” It was hard to believe for me. Honestly.

Then, this interview.

Give a listen. It’s worth it.



Social Justice — A Reprise

This is just to irk Glenn Beck again.

Just kidding.

George P Wood has opened up a thread on just what IS social justice? I invite you to take a visit and post your thoughts.

Again, I will not allow Glenn Beck’s narrow view define social justice. Nor will I allow a Mormon to dictate my theology. Just because “social justice” is not used together in the Bible does not mean it does not exist. Trinity is not in the Bible, either, friends. Yet, orthodox Christianity is Trinitarian. Go figure.

We are allowing political debate (and I use THAT term loosely) to feed our anger.

For those who were in our church this past Sunday we caught a window into the true meaning of social justice and it was powerful. Would to God we would all calm down and quit allowing the politics of the day drive us to extremes.

Glenn Beck and the Perversion of the Gospel

I am going to step into a minefield. I posted earlier about Glenn Beck and his crazy comment about leaving your church if you hear the “code words” of “social justice.” He tried to clarify his comments and only dug a deeper hole.

According to Christianity Today online:

He also called social justice “a perversion of the gospel.” According to Beck, Jesus spoke only for individual compassion, not for governmental justice.

Glenn Beck, a MORMON, called “social justice” a perversion of the gospel…

Is anyone else scratching their head on this one?

Social Justice

One of things I try to be in life is “an equal opportunity offender.”

In that spirit, I am going to poke the sacred cow of Glenn Beck. I am a Pentecostal pastor who was raised conservative (politically as well as theologically). I am still more conservative politically than liberal, but I have no qualms with calling things out.

On this matter, I am calling out Glenn Beck. He has no idea what he is talking about in the area of “social justice.” Don’t just read the blog. Listen to his words.

So, I am pasting SOCIAL JUSTICE here to make sure you RUN from me (if you are a follower of Glenn Beck)!

Mr. Beck, need I remind you that other useful words aren’t in the Bible? Like TRINITY? (But being a Mormon, I’m not sure if he realizes what that term is, either.)

No code words. SOCIAL JUSTICE.

Follow Jesus. Follow the power of the Word of God. You may need to alert Glenn Beck that you are staying with your church while you make sure the poor are taken care of in your city.

In the words of the First Things blog: “But Beck is a special case: He is too prone to say any dumb thing that pops into his head and too ignorant about history and religion to truly understand the implications of his statement.”