New Year… New Opportunities

I enter this year with hope, as always. I enter this year with plans, as always. Then, I look back on a year and realize… well… not many things may have ended up happening as planned. Consistency and intentionality are always key.

This month begins a journey. The Lord has been challenging me on prayer and fasting, so I enter this month, though it’s the second day, with a heart to hear the voice of the Spirit. At some point in this month the fast will be water only. I can’t start that way, due to the holiday feasting! Yet, I am not going to stress over what I think I should be doing. It is a walk of grace. I will be easing into this fast with fresh fruits and veggies.

The journey also begins with some intentional reading. My schedule is so full it’s been difficult for me to get a lot of reading in. Yet, the challenge from the Spirit is to pick up Merton’s autobiography again and read. It’s the only book I’ve read more than twice and there is a call from the Spirit to read it again.

I do not know where all of this will lead. There are no goals in mind. It is about “wasting time” with God and letting him set the agenda. So, we begin.

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