Learning Christ

Eph. 4:20 — “That is not the way you learned Christ.”

There IS a way to learn Christ. We are taught in him. As I am reflecting over this passage for a class I am teaching, I am reminded of many people who taught me in Christ. Some were personal. Others through books and other media.

My parents taught me serving Christ and giving. My pastor, John Skinner, taught me about prayer. Doug Lowenberg taught me about ministry. Don Meyer discipled me in Bible study. Deborah Gill discipled me in Greek and ministry. Lois Malcolm discipled me in theology. Walter Sundberg discipled me in history. Larry Hale discipled me in ministry.

Richard Foster and Dallas Willard teach me spiritual formation.

I have learned Christ. I am being taught in him. I am deeply grateful for those who have helped me learn Christ!

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