A new generation of bold faith

May we rise up and insist not on our own ingenuity and skill, but let us call out for the very presence of God. We have become so skilled at drawing a crowd, but in our skill to draw a crowd, we have substituted that for the very presence of God. We have fallen intoContinue reading “A new generation of bold faith”

Worship and the Image of God

As I work my way through Jason B. Hood’s book, Imitating God in Christ: Recapturing a Biblical Pattern, I am continually struck by his boldness in the view of humanity. We are created in the image of God and that means something. I grew up with “worm theology.” That old gospel song, “At the Cross,” had the line: “WouldContinue reading “Worship and the Image of God”

An Outpost of Eternity

I desperately want to end the “small church” / “big church”… “growing” church/ “NOT growing” church… debate. I won’t. I will never get away from it and no matter how long I pastor, it will always be in my mind. But I want MORE. Not more “numbers.” I want more realization in my heart… and in theContinue reading “An Outpost of Eternity”

The hope of breakthrough

Last night our church held a night of worship and prayer. Having a time of prayer doesn’t “draw” a lot of people, but the time is still incredible. Through prayer and song there were some bold steps in spiritual warfare that took place. There is a sense that this is a time of truly askingContinue reading “The hope of breakthrough”

Crazy Thought of the Day — On Worship

We need to get the notion out of our heads that “worship” is the singing part of a church service. Worship is declaration. It’s not just singing something. It’s not just connecting with some emotion. Worship is the declaration that JESUS IS LORD. By implication that means we are saying, “JESUS is Lord, and noContinue reading “Crazy Thought of the Day — On Worship”

Songs We Need to Think About

I wish we would actually think about EVERY worship song. I have unreasonable expectations. But this one jumped out at me today as I was in a chapel service. This line: “I want more of you, God.” I reflected on that, then heard this word from the Lord drop into my heart: “When you hearContinue reading “Songs We Need to Think About”

Spine Tingling Worship

When it comes to church, and I am Pentecostal when I reflect on this particular subject, we just flat out like “excitement.” There is emotion in our lives, so we don’t try to pull out emotion when it comes to singing and praise in a church service. As Pentecostals, we like to pray for peopleContinue reading “Spine Tingling Worship”