All is Ours

Having the understanding that “all is ours” in Christ needs to be held in balance with the understanding that it is not a life free of obstacles. In fact, the obstacles test that understanding that “all is ours.” Our faith (given to us by Christ, not earned) is then revealed as precious gold. That balanceContinue reading “All is Ours”

Long Haul Christianity

James 1:2-4 brings us a picture of faith that does not shy away from trials. We don’t go looking for trials, but we also need to understand that trials are not necessarily fearful. Trials produce the ability to stand the test of time. With that comes maturity. Maturity is understand that all we have inContinue reading “Long Haul Christianity”

Theology of Suffering

In our world of pain avoidance, letters like 1 Peter are just odd to read. We are so much into “blessing” that we have missed the true nuance of “being blessed.” Blessedness is not the absence of pain, necessarily. We don’t go looking for pain. Yet, when pain comes, there is probably a message toContinue reading “Theology of Suffering”