The Old Testament God and Violence

“Contrary to the overly generalized and sensationalized description of the God of the OT provided by (other authors), people who read Scripture sympathetically generally find that the God of the OT is by-and-large a relational God of hesed (i.e., covenant-love) who continually strives to bring all people — first the Israelites, and then, through them, all the ‘families of the earth’ (Gen. 12:3; cf. Exod 19:5-6) — into relationships of shalom and covenant righteousness/justice with himself as well as with each other.” Greg Boyd, Crucifixion of the Warrior God

The importance of the Old Testament to lead us to the cross

Jesus, on the road to Emmaus, opened up the Hebrew Scriptures to his fellow travelers, explaining how all that had proceeded was important to what had just happened. This is something that is constantly repeated in the New Testament.  Continue reading “The importance of the Old Testament to lead us to the cross”