The World Was Not Worthy of Them

Hebrews 11:38 ends the passage on the “hall of faith” with that phrase. People who believed God and suffered greatly for their faith. They believed, even though they might not have received the fullness of their reward in this life. The world was not worthy of them.

It was only fitting that All Saints Day landed on Sunday. I was able to be with my church… and when we are believers in Christ, we are all truly “saints.” And our body of saints heard from missionaries representing two very different parts of the world. One family spoke of God’s amazing healing power as they came through some severe trials during their last term. Another family spoke of lands that cannot be mentioned in too public of a place and their names cannot be published because of the nature of their ministry. I came away from both missions services full of gratefulness to the Lord. I was truly around people of faith. The world is not worthy of them.

The ones serving in a land that needs to go unnamed freely spoke of their willingness to put it on the line, even it if meant their lives. The reason is quite simple: You can’t get harvest from a place you haven’t sown seed. We’ve left huge areas of the world alone as the Church because we assumed it was unreachable. Then, we don’t see harvest. Our conclusion is that it’s a hard area. This family’s contention is that it’s hard because no one is plowing. They are willing to plow. They are willing to plant.

This All Saints Day was amazing. I have been around people who are walking with God. My church represents that, and I am grateful. Those missionaries represent that, and I am impacted deeply.

May we dare to sow seed where it has not been sown before.