The church that is… and is to come

On a hike through a state park on Madeline Island (part of the Apostle Islands in Lake Superior) I took a couple of pictures where the Lord spoke specifically to me about the American Church and our spiritual condition. This blown down tree came from a huge wind storm in 1991. Winds reached 100 mphContinue reading “The church that is… and is to come”

A great moment in reconciliation

In the news, South Carolina voted to remove the Confederate battle flag from the capital grounds. It’s a good move. Those symbols need to be in different places, which is why I’m not for just getting rid of them completely. Let me explain, because the title of the post isn’t referring to South Carolina. ItContinue reading “A great moment in reconciliation”

The astonishing power of forgiveness

Two articles I came across the last couple of days completely missed the power of the Church and forgiveness. One from the “left” and the other from the “right.” One column declared blacks need to quit forgiving white racists. Forgiveness has become a requirement for those enduring the realities of black death in America. ThatContinue reading “The astonishing power of forgiveness”

White. Male. Evangelical. Pentecostal.

A CALL TO AMERICAN EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS I very rarely read a book than once. Outside of the Bible, there are a handful I’ve made a second attempt at. Beyond that, it’s been Dallas Willard’s The Divine Conspiracy and one more: Thomas Merton’s autobiography The Seven Storey Mountain. Those of you who read me enough think I’m a WillardContinue reading “White. Male. Evangelical. Pentecostal.”