Observing the Pattern of Prayer… and Action

I am reading/praying my way through Luke right now. One thing I truly love about Luke’s take on the life of Jesus is in the intricate tie between prayer and activity. In Luke 5 there is the constant rush of ministry activity. Healing, teaching, deliverance ministry, but Luke adds in, “Jesus often withdrew to theContinue reading “Observing the Pattern of Prayer… and Action”

The great cloud of witnesses

Having finished Robert Benson’s book In Constant Prayer for a book review, there are some powerful thoughts from his work I wanted to share. His admonition is to take up the duty of prayer. Specifically, take up the ancient practice of the “offices.” Pray the daily office. The office is just a collection of words.Continue reading “The great cloud of witnesses”

Book Review: Enjoying Prayer

One of my heroes in the faith is Calvin Olson. Calvin was a missionary to southern Asia for many years. When I knew him he was retired as a missionary and traveled throughout our state with our district superintendent to conduct monthly prayer and fasting days. Every fall prayer retreat before he passed away, youContinue reading “Book Review: Enjoying Prayer”


New Year’s resolutions are tough. Yet, there are some spiritual exercises I want to increase in my life. 1. Increase in prayer. We will open the new year with a week of prayer. We will have a silent retreat in February. The Lord is challenging me in fasting and prayer. I need to call outContinue reading “Resolved”