Imagine: A New Day

In his book, Simply Good News, NT Wright defines Christian spirituality: Christian spirituality — an awareness of the loving and guiding presence of God, sorrow for sin and gratitude for forgiveness, the possibility and challenge of prayer, a love for God and for our neighbors, the desire for holiness and the hard moral work it requires, theContinue reading “Imagine: A New Day”

Politics and the Kingdom of God

It is good timing that has me reading NT Wright’s Surprised by Scripture the same week the news is exploding from a new Indiana law regarding discrimination and religious rights. Wright’s chapter, “Our Politics Are Too Small” is powerful. Some thoughts: “…martyrdom (which is what happens when the church bears witness to God’s call toContinue reading “Politics and the Kingdom of God”

Gospel definitions

I am in the first pages of Michael Bird’s Evangelical Theology. He opens early on with definitions of gospel because all theology must be rooted in gospel. He uses N.T. Wright: The gospel is the royal announcement that the crucified and risen Jesus, who died for our sins and rose again according to the Scriptures,Continue reading “Gospel definitions”

Why Election Seasons Should Be Tough

This summer has been one of the most enriching as a pastor that I can remember. Our church has been on a journey to read through the entire New Testament this summer. The main goal was to read each book of the New Testament as a book. Get the overall view without trying to dissect thingsContinue reading “Why Election Seasons Should Be Tough”