Too much of a “bottom line” mentality

Generally, I need to know the ending. If I’m reading a book, that’s a bit different. (Actually, not much. If I get into the last half and the pace accelerates, I really want to know what’s at the end and occasionally I peek.) But if I’m in a conversation and someone needs to tell me a conclusion, I really want them to get to the conclusion.  Continue reading “Too much of a “bottom line” mentality”

Praying the Lord’s Prayer… in reverse

NT Wright’s book Simply Good News challenges the reader to look at how we pray. We often pray the Lord’s Prayer in reverse. I will be looking at Wright’s analysis on “praying as good news people”  in my message on Sunday. His contention is the Lord’s Prayer helps us with priorities in prayer. They are sections that can be slapped together in any way. It’s important to note the priority of the order.

This is always a challenge for me, personally. There are several mornings I wake up with thoughts of how to proceed with important issues in our church. I think about the property sale and the move… and budgets… and timing…

And my first tendency is to start with the end of the prayer: HELP!

But the invitation from the Lord is to start with “FATHER!”

What a difference it can make if I can get my mind in gear quickly enough!

Seeing the FATHER first, and adoring him, helps bring order and perspective to my deepest needs. When I spend a few minutes adoring the majesty of our great God, my requests are still there, but I am afforded a different perspective.

May we come into prayer adoring and worshiping the Father FIRST.

Imagine: A New Day

In his book, Simply Good News, NT Wright defines Christian spirituality:

Christian spirituality — an awareness of the loving and guiding presence of God, sorrow for sin and gratitude for forgiveness, the possibility and challenge of prayer, a love for God and for our neighbors, the desire for holiness and the hard moral work it requires, the gradual or sudden emergence of particular vocations, a lively hope for God’s eventual new creation — is generated by the good news of what HAS happened in the past and what WILL happen in the future. All this and much, much more is what is meant by the good news in the present.

It’s a new day. It’s resurrection. It’s the Kingdom. It’s time to live it.