Spiritual formation and exile

The more we will walk in these uncertain days the more we are in need of spiritual formation and spiritual rhythms. As we go into a spiritual Babylonian exile, we need to understand we are equipped for this time. Without Christ, we deal with a void. John Mark Comer and James Bryan Smith talk aboutContinue reading “Spiritual formation and exile”

Leaving Babylon Part 4

This episode came from a lot of emotion because I had another conversation with another young minister who is leaving a conservative denomination because of the current partisan climate. The nice part of me wants to apologize for that, but I won’t. The closer we draw to the election, the more doubling down culturalized ChristiansContinue reading “Leaving Babylon Part 4”

A lament for the American Church in the time of cornavirus

Over the last couple of years I have toyed around with a book. I have a working title: “Living in Babylon.” Last year I sat down and put all my notes together so I could have some sense of what I had studied over the 2-3 years I had been picking at it. As IContinue reading “A lament for the American Church in the time of cornavirus”

All can be “well” and we can STILL be blind

One of the common mistakes we make in diagnosing current times is “how things are going.” If things are going reasonable “well” for us, we can’t see what might wrong beneath the surface, or care to explore that beneath the surface. In the U.S., we can say, “Hey, the economy is humming along (for usContinue reading “All can be “well” and we can STILL be blind”