Correcting a bad publishing idea

It’s not like some other publisher won’t pick it up, especially in today’s culture war environment, but key Zondervan authors called out their publisher for a very bad marketing idea… and got them to back away.

After all, the Bible does not say “God bless America.” It says, “God so loved the world.” The national anthem should not be in the church hymnal, and the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States should not be in the Bible.

More HERE.

From 9/11 to this week, the anniversary of the murder of George Floyd, we have been exposed by the Spirit of God as to the deep problems of culturalized Christianity. And what we have shown in things like this “God Bless America” Bible is this… we’re just going to double down on our Christian Nationalism.

We have not repented. We have not examined ourselves. We have, instead, hardened our hearts and caused a Babylonian exile for the white conservative American church.

It is time to be in “exile mode.” It is time to learn from Daniel in Babylon, Joseph in Egypt, and Esther in Persia. This is our way of worship now.

An image of the planned “God Bless the USA” Bible.

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