A lament for the American Church in the time of cornavirus

Over the last couple of years I have toyed around with a book. I have a working title: “Living in Babylon.” Last year I sat down and put all my notes together so I could have some sense of what I had studied over the 2-3 years I had been picking at it. As IContinue reading “A lament for the American Church in the time of cornavirus”

When there are no answers… living in mystery in the time of coronavirus

N T Wright brings such thoughtfulness to his writing and this piece is a must read in our time. We think that surely our faith brings answers to big questions like these. Wright’s contention is this: Christianity isn’t supposed to do that.

Evil in our world and what lasts

The weariness of terrorism and racism in our news last week can exhaust us. There are times when we truly wonder: How long, O Lord?” The psalm in my reading this morning gives me a reminder on perspective: “You love evil more than good; you love lying more than speaking what is right. Selah YouContinue reading “Evil in our world and what lasts”

Lament — Philando Castile

Lament isn’t always theologically correct. Lament isn’t always nice and neat. Lament isn’t always soft… or done in time to get to lunch. Lament is brutal because the soul has been assaulted. It is a crying out in pain because in that moment… in that time… there is nothing else to do. Lament is personal.Continue reading “Lament — Philando Castile”