Our NSA free day is just about over

Congress will finally get it together and yank away privacy again soon. What a glorious day free of NSA data collecting! But, never fear, there are so many other ways to gather the data needed… all while invading your privacy and you still won’t know. This report covers the air surveillance the FBI uses. OnceContinue reading “Our NSA free day is just about over”

Football stadiums of the future

I can’t resist a little humor in this Lenten season. I was reading about the Chargers and Raiders going in on a deal to build a stadium near LA they would both use. One mock up design reminded me of a really old TV kids show on Saturday mornings about “Ark II” or something likeContinue reading “Football stadiums of the future”

The Brian Williams Syndrome

Brian Williams of NBC has been suspended for six months without pay for embellishing stories. It’s a common problem with journalists. They want too much to BE the story. Where have you gone, Walter Cronkite? Some are recommending politicians face the same suspension, but that’s part of their job description, isn’t it? I am readingContinue reading “The Brian Williams Syndrome”