Book Review: “Holy Spirit: Creative Power in Our Lives”

This review is on Holy Spirit: Creative Power in Our Lives by Dr. Lois Malcolm. Dr. Lois Malcolm has written a slim, accessible volume for anyone who is Trinitarian in their doctrine. I am a Pentecostal. Dr. Malcolm is a Lutheran professor at Luther Seminary in St. Paul. Her work is something that informs myContinue reading “Book Review: “Holy Spirit: Creative Power in Our Lives””

Quick Hit Thought to Get My Monday Going

When Paul came into Ephesus in Acts 19, he preached, the Spirit came on those there… and 12 men started an extraordinary work. It was a work that shook the core of the Ephesian economy and impacted a region. Twelve men. God doesn’t mind small. He’s not afraid. What am I believing for today? WhatContinue reading “Quick Hit Thought to Get My Monday Going”

The Assemblies of God and Speaking in Tongues

Yet another article looking at the issue of speaking in tongues. In light of this article, I compare it to blogs I’ve read since the General Council. In my own view, as an Assemblies of God pastor, it just isn’t about tongues… at all. It’s about prayer. We can preach on “tongues.” But if weContinue reading “The Assemblies of God and Speaking in Tongues”