Three key verses to identify my life

The more I read through the Bible, the more I want to strip down all the periphery we have made Christianity and come to its essentials. I have loved Paul and his writing more and more over the decades of walking with Christ. There is a vision he truly saw beyond his time that IContinue reading “Three key verses to identify my life”

Good bye cruel world!

Today’s reading for MULTIPLY discipleship is Galatians 6. And what comes up AGAIN? The cross. (It seems to be all over the New Testament… and very hard to avoid.) 1 Corinthians 1 on Sunday… Galatians 6 today… and the cross. But far be it from me to boast except in the cross of our LordContinue reading “Good bye cruel world!”

White Knuckle Christianity

Growing up in a conservative church was more about what you didn’t do rather than what you DID do. That’s just life. We all have things growing up we need to learn how to adjust. Those things may not need to be tossed overboard. They may just need to be readjusted. But when you growContinue reading “White Knuckle Christianity”

Use It or Lose It

I do the vast majority of my work on computer now, but I am a fan of pens. Good pens. I love fountain pens. If I take the time to journal, I try to have a fountain pen nearby. The ink on my hands is just fun for me. My “better” fountain pen has aContinue reading “Use It or Lose It”

Freedom in Christ and Freedom from Arrogance

As I read through 1-2 Corinthians and Galatians, I am constantly struck by our impulses. As humans, we seem to strive for being “one up” on someone else… anyone else. Even in the Church, Paul battled these kinds of attitudes. With the Corinthians, it was being “one up” with spiritual gifts… or being “one up”Continue reading “Freedom in Christ and Freedom from Arrogance”