The Flag, the Anthem, the First Amendment

I’ve been to a few baseball games this year. I’ve kind of sworn off of NFL games, but not because of Colin Kaepernick. It traces back to the arrogance of the NFL, willfully ignored the concussion issue, and I could go on about that. 

The Kingdom of God and severe reactions

It’s a bit of an odd world when, in the past few weeks, we’ve had some deep American need to “defend free speech” by going to see a very stupid movie about North Korea. And now, it’s everyone claiming, “I am Charlie Hebdo” in response to the terrorist attacks in Paris on a satirical newspaper.Continue reading “The Kingdom of God and severe reactions”

Veteran’s Day, Pacificism, and Free Speech

While I certainly have strong opinions as to the use of military strength at times in the history of our nation, I am reminded on weekends like this that even for those who are pacificists, they need to thank God that someone didn’t believe fully in pacificism with them… and fought for their right to maintain thatContinue reading “Veteran’s Day, Pacificism, and Free Speech”