Freedom and Allegiance

Chuck Colson is incredibly articulate. He engages the culture. This article speaks to the First Amendment and the eroding place of Christianity in our culture. While I am not convinced of his comments regarding the differences between “freedom of religion” and “freedom of worship,” I am convinced we can reach a day where our government will erode the power of religion in the public square. I am not saying we will see that day. I am saying it’s a possibility.

The issue, in my view, is not about losing these freedoms. It is about our ability as Christians to stand up in a culture that will eventually carry anti-Christian biases. Governments come and go. We, as Christians, need to learn to have a firmer allegiance to the Kingdom of God, not the kingdoms of this world. This is our real weakness as American Christians. We tend to defend the Constitution more than stand on the Word. When real change happens and that Constitution is no longer upheld, we need to know our true allegiance.