Random Weekend Thoughts

We had a fast and furious trip to Duluth to see our son in the musical “Pippin.” As I drive I have a lot of thoughts tumble through, none of which I can remember for very long. To develop them is a lot of fun… but maybe for another time… and privately. Some thoughts alongContinue reading “Random Weekend Thoughts”

The extraordinary in the ordinary

Whenever I get tempted to think about a “significant” life in a way that means more “notoriety,” I will remember by grandmother. We laid her to rest today. She was 98 when she passed from this life to the next. She invented nothing. She wrote no books. She starred in no movies. She was bornContinue reading “The extraordinary in the ordinary”

The passing from this “life” to the “next”

My grandmother passed away this morning. As I have reflected on her life through the day, I have also been drawn into my own mortality, my walk with Jesus, and thinking of Dallas Willard at his passing. When Dallas Willard passed, John Ortberg noted Dallas wondered if it would take some time before he knewContinue reading “The passing from this “life” to the “next””

Being a DAD helps make me be a better MAN

Whether or not you have kids, there are some things that apply here. The main thing is this: responsibility.  There is a big difference, gentlemen, between being a “baby daddy” and being a DAD. We have too many “baby daddies,” (and we seem to be very proud of that these days) and very few DADS. BeingContinue reading “Being a DAD helps make me be a better MAN”