My Christmas Wish List

I don’t get asked a lot, but every once in awhile someone will ask what I want for Christmas.

This year I’ve said the same thing: World Peace.

I just don’t have a Christmas wish list. My life is full.

My family is doing well. My wife and I are having a great time as we watch our sons mature. We’ve had a house full of young adults this fall who are making their way in life and that has been nice, actually. No big struggles. We’ve actually had them successfully sit down with us every week for a house meeting, which I couldn’t do with my sons once they hit high school!

Our church is on a new trajectory as the Lord challenges us to dig deeper into our community. This next year will be full of incredible new territory for us!

At my point in life, while I can always enjoy a good book and a great cup of coffee, what is possible for a Christmas wish list?

A question I’ve challenged myself with over the past several months is this: Is it well with my soul?

In this season, that answer is “yes.”

But could someone please work on that world peace thing for me?

God bless us… everyone.

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