Living together as family in the church

“Children are ordinarily so full of their own needs and wants that they look at a brother of sister not as an ally but as a competitor. If there is only one pork chop on the plate and three of us who want it, I will look at my brother and sister not as delightful dinner companions but as difficult rivals…

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The church is a mess

“The churches of Revelation show us that churches are not Victorian parlors where everything is always picked up and ready for guests. They are messy family rooms. Entering a person’s house unexpectedly, we are sometimes met with a barrage of apologies. St. John does not apologize. Things are out of order, to be sure, but that is what happens to churches that are lived in.” — Eugene Peterson, Reverse Thunder: The Revelation of John and the Praying Imagination.

We do this, we do this as a CHURCH

Powerful thoughts from Eugene Peterson in Reverse Thunder: The Revelation of John and Praying the Imagination. :

The gospel is never for individuals but always for a people. Sin fragments us, separates us, and sentences us to solitary confinement. Gospel restores us, unites us, and sets us in community. The life of faith revealed and nurtured in the biblical narratives is highly personal but never merely individual: always there is a family, a tribe, a nation — church. God’s love and salvation are revealed and experienced in the congregation of the people “who know the festal shout” (Ps. 89:15), not in “the garden, alone.” 

We need each other. We do this together. As a church.