Don’t Settle for Status Quo Bondage

One of the notes I made on the passage in Mark 5 where Jesus heals the demoniac: “Don’t settle for letting people stay in bondage.” Sometimes it is hard work seeing people set free. It might be pray. It might be fasting. It might be counseling. It might be a huge combination of many things. Don’t giveContinue reading “Don’t Settle for Status Quo Bondage”

Why Could We Not Cast It Out?

Mark 9:14-29. The disciples couldn’t cast out the demon from the boy. The father easily confessed his belief and lack of belief and asked for more. Yet… the disciples are baffled. Mark, in his gospel, leaves the disciples baffled more than the other gospel writers. One of the heart-searching things about the Gospel of MarkContinue reading “Why Could We Not Cast It Out?”

When We’re Not Effective… We Argue

In Mark 9 Jesus comes down from the Mount of Transfiguration with Peter, James, and John. He finds the rest of his disciples in an argument with the legal experts. 14 When Jesus, Peter, James, and John approached the other disciples, they saw a large crowd surrounding them and legal experts arguing with them. 15Continue reading “When We’re Not Effective… We Argue”

My Name is Legion, Pt. 2

Mark 5:1-20 is the story of Jesus delivering the demoniac. The first challenge out of this story I posted here. The second challenge I have is the response of the people. 14 Those who tended the pigs ran away and told the story in the city and in the countryside. People came to see what hadContinue reading “My Name is Legion, Pt. 2”

My Name is Legion

2 As soon as Jesus got out of the boat, a man possessed by an evil spirit came out of the tombs. 3 This man lived among the tombs, and no one was ever strong enough to restrain him, even with a chain. 4 He had been secured many times with leg irons and chains,Continue reading “My Name is Legion”