Coming into willingness, not willfulness

I am beginning the third slender volume by David Benner called Desiring God’s Will. It is part of a wonderful trilogy that deserves to be read slowly. This quote for today: The motto of willfulness is “My way or no way.” Because of this, willfulness leads to death, not freedom. It is an act of rebellion — the residueContinue reading “Coming into willingness, not willfulness”

Book Review: Surrender to Love by David Benner

I received Surrender to Love: Discovering the Heart of Christian Spirituality by David Benner from IVP. It is part of a trilogy of small books Benner has updated. The foreword by M. Basil Pennington has this sentence: “It took me several weeks to read.” The volume I as holding in my hands was slender. TheContinue reading “Book Review: Surrender to Love by David Benner”

Four Lines to Wreck My Day

I have found culturally these days that words have duel, and opposite, meanings. When I’ve heard something or someone described as “sick,” I think, “Oh, that’s too bad. What’s wrong with them?” Then, I find out the word meant, “Awesome,” or “incredible,” or something opposite of what the word used to mean for me. So, I useContinue reading “Four Lines to Wreck My Day”