Christ is able to know our hurts

“Jesus is not Zeus. He was a sinless man, not a sinless Superman. He woke up with bed head. He had pimples at thirteen. He never would have been on the cover of Men’s Health (he had “no beauty that we should desire him,” Isa. 53:2). He came as a normal man to normal men.Continue reading “Christ is able to know our hurts”

The heart of Christ

“Jesus walked the earth rehumanizing the dehumanized and cleansing the unclean. Why? Because his heart refused to let him sleep in. Sadness confronted him in every town. So wherever he went, whenever he was confronted with pain and longing, he speaks the good contagion of his cleansing mercy.” — Dane Ortlund, Gentle and Lowly: TheContinue reading “The heart of Christ”