Our World at Boiling Point

From Aurora, CO to Milwaukee, WI to College Station, TX to Louisiana today, there is always evidence that we are a world coming apart. It’s always been that way. It’s the world, after all. As believers, is it possible to have a different type of conversation? Is it possible to engage in some sort ofContinue reading “Our World at Boiling Point”

So, What Happens When You Take the Excuses Out of the Way?

This column by Frank Bruni is typical of how people burned by “religion” want to think of religion. Just as someone in that category would accuse those in “religion” to have their nice, neat categories… Bruni demonstrates his nice, neat categories as well. He isn’t a fan of Christianity. And he sets up the typicalContinue reading “So, What Happens When You Take the Excuses Out of the Way?”

Monday Thoughts

Some great thought-provoking posts and articles are surfacing this Monday. Bill Mounce over at Koinonia has some thoughts on the Ted Haggard situation. His big question is: “Why was Haggard removed from his church? Why were they not allowed to at least attend?” He readily admits he doesn’t know the entire situation, but he asksContinue reading “Monday Thoughts”