Change is going to come

One of the fun things in my life right now is working with organizations who are touching the “least of these.” Lately I’ve been meeting with folks who have found passion for change in a particular area of society. They are invested with passion and look for true change to come. They are in itContinue reading “Change is going to come”

The only constant is change

I think I hate change. I think I hate disruption in my patterns and routines. My fantasy thinking is there should be no change. Yet, change is constant. Our bodies changes on the cellular level constantly. As I age, I grouse about the changes I feel on a bigger level in my body. Still, IContinue reading “The only constant is change”

The Lobster Story

This weekend we had our annual Leadership Training at the church. It was an incredibly significant time because we are in the midst of huge transitions. Our church property is for sale, we’re looking at a new property, adding a business… and so much more. It is a call for transformational thinking.  I centered my teachingContinue reading “The Lobster Story”