All is Ours

Having the understanding that “all is ours” in Christ needs to be held in balance with the understanding that it is not a life free of obstacles. In fact, the obstacles test that understanding that “all is ours.” Our faith (given to us by Christ, not earned) is then revealed as precious gold. That balanceContinue reading “All is Ours”

Long Haul Christianity

James 1:2-4 brings us a picture of faith that does not shy away from trials. We don’t go looking for trials, but we also need to understand that trials are not necessarily fearful. Trials produce the ability to stand the test of time. With that comes maturity. Maturity is understand that all we have inContinue reading “Long Haul Christianity”

Strengthening Our Resolve

In case you haven’t heard, we’ve reached the end of the world. I find it interesting there is far more interest in the Mayan calendar and how it might be right, while we readily dismiss Christians who regularly predict the end of the world. So, the end is upon us. Unless, of course, it’s not.Continue reading “Strengthening Our Resolve”

Knowing and Doing Are Two Different Things

There are different definitions of “sin” throughout Scripture, but James weighs in on this one: 17 It is a sin when someone knows the right thing to do and doesn’t do it. (James 4:17, CEB) We can know all day long what the right thing to do is… and just not do it. We canContinue reading “Knowing and Doing Are Two Different Things”

Willing to Yield

My wish for the political season as it kicks off: Everyone running for office needs to read the Book of James. Knowing that will not happen, I am still struck by the words compared to the political arena. 17 What of the wisdom from above? First, it is pure, and then peaceful, gentle, obedient, filledContinue reading “Willing to Yield”

The Advantage of Adversity

The old saying goes, “Live and learn.” I have found that isn’t necessarily true. There was a friend in college who just didn’t really understand the purpose of the speed limit. Not understanding the speed limit in Wisconsin in those days was costly. He was winging his way through Wisconsin one year with some friendsContinue reading “The Advantage of Adversity”