Sing of mercy and justice

“Justice, biblically speaking, is about God taking everything that’s wrong with the world and making it right. In God’s kingdom, things are turned upside down. The least are now the greatest. The last are now the first. Justice is God taking what’s broken and bringing it to wholeness. In Advent, a season of longing andContinue reading “Sing of mercy and justice”

Advent and the Apocalypse

In Luke’s gospel, when Jesus speaks apocalyptically of “signs in the sun and moon and stars” and the “distress of nations,” he ends by saying that humanity “will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory” (Luke 21:25–27). He is speaking of himself and his Second Coming. He’s tellingContinue reading “Advent and the Apocalypse”

As Advent approaches we are tempted to flood ourselves in light

By all measures it is probable we can all agree we want 2020 behind us… NOW. Why wait until December 31? We’ve lost loved ones. The world has lost heroes. We’re fighting over masks to slow down a pandemic… People are putting up Christmas lights and trees and flooding their lives with Christmas music andContinue reading “As Advent approaches we are tempted to flood ourselves in light”