The imperfection of Advent

I grew up without the concept of Advent in another Christian tradition. When I was pastoring and learned a bit more about it, we would walk through Advent in small ways. When I came into the Anglican Church, I have learned so much more.

And I walk with severe imperfection. It is still more of a meditative walk through this season than one of perfect practice.

Advent is a season to look back and to look ahead. It is to remember the anticipation of Christ’s first coming. It is also to be reminded that Christ is coming again. It is about hunger for that second appearing. It is a time of darkness longing for the Light.

What I have drawn from Advent so far in my Anglican walk is a deeper hunger for Christ’s return. I grew up Pentecostal with the “rapture” mentality. The “end times” was scary. As a teenager with raging hormones, I knew I was going to miss the return of Jesus every day because of some lustful thought I was having in a particular moment. It’s a brutal way to “love” Jesus coming back, let me tell you.

Now, I have a deeper longing for his return. I stir that longing in this season.

To learn a bit more about Advent from the Anglican viewpoint, start HERE.

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