The obligation of the Kingdom

Reflecting on society, laws, cultural wars… and having a lot of time to think while I was driving across Iowa… I began to think on what I practice but do not articulate very well. I am not sure I can still articulate it well, but this is my attempt. No matter what laws are passedContinue reading “The obligation of the Kingdom”

A Pro-Life Ethic: Finding the place God wants you

When I first moved to the Twin Cities and began ministry, I plunged into as many community activities as possible. I served on neighborhood boards, school committees, park committees, etc., looking for what was going on in my part of the city. What was God doing and how could I join him? The shotgun approachContinue reading “A Pro-Life Ethic: Finding the place God wants you”

A Pro-Life Ethic in a Sexually Charged Culture

This story really caught my attention for several reasons. 1. It’s in Iowa. I thought this might be something from New York or California or Florida. But this case happened in Iowa. 2. The court’s decision was 7-0. No dissenting votes. The boss could actually fire his employee because she was too attractive. But beyondContinue reading “A Pro-Life Ethic in a Sexually Charged Culture”

The Way of Peace is Found in Following the Prince of Peace

One of our Advent readings today is Eph. 6:10-20. It’s one we, as Pentecostals, love. Spiritual warfare. Here is the ironic thing I find in this passage and our current attitude in the wake of the Connecticut school shooting. On the one hand I’m fairly sure I could get almost 100 percent agreement from myContinue reading “The Way of Peace is Found in Following the Prince of Peace”

Kingdom Expectation Demands Change

The pro-life ethic is possible. It is not something laid out by Jesus and just left in the text of Matthew’s gospel. Peter picks it up (as do the other New Testament writers) and calls on the reader to understand the need for change. We do NOT have to live in the grip of thisContinue reading “Kingdom Expectation Demands Change”

A Pro-Life Ethic and Avoiding Bumper Sticker Theology

Over the past few months I have worked at what I am calling a true “pro-life” ethic. This is an ethic I believe can be sustained as a Christian. It is also an ethic that I believe cannot be labeled “liberal” or “conservative,” “Democrat” or “Republican.” In the wake of the school shootings in Connecticut,Continue reading “A Pro-Life Ethic and Avoiding Bumper Sticker Theology”

The Sermon on the Mount and a Pro-Life Ethic

Jesus was serious about the Kingdom bringing a righteousness back into play that would exceed the righteousness of the Pharisees. The goal of a true pro-life ethic in the Kingdom of God should be to move away from the emphasis on the regulations of the Law and return to the character of the Law. The Kingdom ethic demands more of us.Continue reading “The Sermon on the Mount and a Pro-Life Ethic”

The Purpose of the Following Christ

As I am working my way through the Sermon on the Mount in studying a true pro-life ethic, I was caught by Craig Keener’s words in his work on the background of the New Testament. This particular quote on Matthew 5:13-16 is incredible: A disciple of the kingdom who does not live like a discipleContinue reading “The Purpose of the Following Christ”

Israel, Palestine, and an Effort Toward a True Pro-Life Ethic

I began some thoughts on what it means to have a “pro-life” ethic (HERE), and on that same day the United Nations voted to allow provisional recognition of Palestine as a “state.” This came over the loud objections of the United States and Israel. This is a perfect areas to try and hash out aContinue reading “Israel, Palestine, and an Effort Toward a True Pro-Life Ethic”