Jesus Endorsed Me!

Yesterday I checked my LinkedIn notices on my phone and the short headline read: “Jesus just endorsed you…”

I had no idea Jesus was on LinkedIn, but I was happy for the endorsement.

Then, I looked at a fuller version and realized it was one of my Hispanic friends who had  a last name as well.

So, I’m grateful for the endorsement by my friend, but a little disappointed from the lack of endorsement by Jesus…

You’ve Heard the One About the Bad Tipper


We’ve heard time and TIME AGAIN about the waitress at Applebee’s that posted the receipt from a pastor. The receipt had a note that said, “I give God 10%. Why should you get 18?”

Bad Christian! BAD CHRISTIAN!

Then, the blogs and comments on blogs, and comments on Facebook fly: “See? This is why people hate Christians.”

Oh… really.

THIS is why… they don’t tip.


All this proves is the old adage that if you get good service you may tell one or two people. If you get lousy service, you tell 10 people. Only, we’ve upped the game thanks to social networks.

If we get good service, we RARELY mention it. If we get bad service, we blast it on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Yahoo… any place we can try and land it.

So, allow me to say something that will go completely unnoticed.

I, as a Christian, am a good tipper. Actually, I’m a GREAT tipper. And it’s all because of Jesus… so there! 😉

Let’s be real: we can ALL be good tippers and it STILL doesn’t reflect Christ!

But good tipping is a nice reflection, so allow me to brag on a few good examples (out of hundreds I know of). This will be ignored, but I just don’t care. I’m tired of people bashing away.

Several years ago I was in a meeting with some other pastors… and we were all lousy tippers. Right? Pastors are THE WORST!

Well… no.

It was in a hotel room and the hotel had arranged for us to be served breakfast in the room. As the server is bringing us our breakfasts, the leader of the meeting asked the server, “Do we leave the tip here for you?”

She said, “No. The hotel is taking care of that.”

The leader thought about it, then told the rest of us (when the server was out of the room), “I’m not sure we’ll get the opportunity to tip on the bill, so let’s make sure we take care of that.”

There were probably eight really tight-wad pastors in that room (because, you know, all pastors are tightwads and bad examples of how to really tip good, thus making us targets of hate by waitstaffs all across America). By the time we finished chucking in money at the middle of the table, she probably walked away with $75 in tips. And, quite frankly, I doubt the bill was $750.

This weekend my wife and I were sitting at a Perkins with a huge group of InterVarsity students from University of Minnesota Duluth. You think pastors are bad tippers? How about college students that go into a restaurant and order water and mozzarella sticks? What a bunch of cheapskates!

Well… again… NO.

I listened to several of the leaders in the group talk to each other and say, “Make sure you tip her well. She’s working late because of us.”

I’m sure those students made it well worth her time and effort. What had been a slow night turned into a nice ending for the server.

How about turning the tables a bit? How about showing off good service? How about letting people know Christians and other good people know HOW TO TIP!

Because we do. Millions of us do. And there are a thousands of servers who are glad to see us come into their restaurant.

Hooked on Facebook and Nothing to Do About It?

Obviously, if you’re on Facebook you’ve probably seen the posts that are spam links taking you to sites you just don’t want to go to. This story gives some details if you’re not on Facebook.

Here is the problem, and I face it personally: even in our outrage we probably won’t quit Facebook. It’s the vehicle that best gets the word out, so even if we get abused by this spam over and over… could we quit?

I had high hopes for Google Plus, but that doesn’t seem to be headed anywhere meaningful. Once post this blog, it goes right to Facebook and more people will interact with me on Facebook than on this blog. It’s just our nature at this point.

What do you think? Would you be outraged enough with the antics on Facebook that you would actually quit it?

File This…

I would file this under “DUH” and “DOH!”

An article discusses a sociologists findings that social networking sites could be harmful to a child’s development.

A couple of key thoughts from the article:

Social networking websites are causing alarming changes in the brains of young users, an eminent scientist has warned.

Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Bebo are said to shorten attention spans, encourage instant gratification and make young people more self-centred.

This is a big “DUH” because it’s just so noticeable without the research! All you have to do is READ the silly Twitter comments, or read on Facebook what people are doing. How many times do we need to follow people into the bathroom for the internet world to see? Really!

The big “DOH!” is that yet again here is a researcher who got PAID to report the obvious. I have GOT to learn how to get in that racket!