The God Who Watches Over You

We have celebrated Resurrection Sunday. We have worshiped the risen Savior. For us at Heights Church, it was a great day. We sang with our hearts. We worshiped the mighty King. These are great days of celebration. It doesn’t take away from the battles we face in our lives. Christ triumphs… and we have toContinue reading “The God Who Watches Over You”

Sweeping Victory

What is the power of the resurrection? It is “sweeping victory.” This is where I like how the Common English Bible puts some phrases. They take some very familiar passages and bring a fresh perspective. The resurrection is power. 11If the Spirit of the one who raised Jesus from the dead lives in you, the oneContinue reading “Sweeping Victory”


This year’s journey through Lent has been amazing. Personally, I have worked harder than any other year to purposefully observe this season. It’s been uneven at times, but I have worked to observe the readings, pause in prayer, and reflect. On Saturday I went through some Easter Vigil readings that really heightened my anticipation ofContinue reading “Resurrection!”

Resurrection Sunday One of the events I enjoy the most over the Passion season is Good Friday. For our community it’s a time of reflecting on the seven last words of Christ from the cross. A different church will take 20 minutes to reflect on a word. It’s a three hour service that is reallyContinue reading