The river of God

We too often have become people who want to manipulate God and manipulate people. We love our formulas for success. We like our “ankle deep” relationship with God. We’re still fully in control. Read Ezekiel 47:1-12 HERE. The prayer revival at Asbury University has been going for a week. Visitors are coming so there areContinue reading “The river of God”

Remembering the innocents

Jeremiah 31:15–17 (NIV): This is what the Lord says:“A voice is heard in Ramah,mourning and great weeping,Rachel weeping for her childrenand refusing to be comforted,because they are no more.”16 This is what the Lord says:“Restrain your voice from weepingand your eyes from tears,for your work will be rewarded,”declares the Lord.“They will return from the landContinue reading “Remembering the innocents”