Jesus and Healthcare

One common claim I hear from some liberal theologians, thinkers, and politicians is Jesus supported universal healthcare. Somehow, Jesus healing people gets equated with universal healthcare insurance. I’m never sure how that leap is made. If those liberals actually believed in Jesus’ healthcare methods and practiced them, I might be more convinced of their arguments. As it […]

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“Affordable” Healthcare Act

Finally! A piece that honestly looks at what the legislation does and doesn’t do! I am NOT the guy who says, “Hey, we have a great healthcare system as it is.” I don’t. I am someone who fits right in that gap of 24 million people who STILL won’t have “affordable” health insurance even if this legislation is […]

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Healthcare (non)Reform

This is yet another gripe on healthcare (non)reform. Let us review so I can properly tick off my conservative AND liberal friends: 1. I am not for repealing healthcare reform back to what we have. What have is lousy. If you need examples, I am a living one. So are other members of my family. […]

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More on Healthcare “Reform”

I have a tab on this blog with more thoughts on healthcare “reform,” but I needed to add this update from Chuck Colson. I know there are people applauding this legislation. It’s becoming the liberal version of “patriotism.” Remember the “old days” of the Iraq War when the liberals got upset when Republicans challenged their […]

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