Christianity is not an “add on” in my life

For what we need more than goods is God; more than a living is life. Even though we build with our own hands a new world, if we find not God, our lives still are voids darkened by the lurking shadows of our own selfishness and echoing to the whimperings of children who won’t admitContinue reading “Christianity is not an “add on” in my life”

Three key verses to identify my life

The more I read through the Bible, the more I want to strip down all the periphery we have made Christianity and come to its essentials. I have loved Paul and his writing more and more over the decades of walking with Christ. There is a vision he truly saw beyond his time that IContinue reading “Three key verses to identify my life”

Take me to the alley

My wife and I were talking with some friends recently and music came up. Jazz was a prominent topic and our friends started throwing out names. I began looking them up and playing them on Spotify. One that came up in the context of religion and spiritually and jazz was Gregory Porter. This song wasContinue reading “Take me to the alley”

The image bearers and a broken creation

We are reading through Lisa Sharon Harper’s excellent book The Very Good Gospel in a small group at our church for Lent. It is a powerful book focusing on the broken relationships we see all around and the longing to restore shalom in the world. One example: When we deprive people of the ability toContinue reading “The image bearers and a broken creation”