A clear view of Christian Nationalism

David French is a politically conservative writer and evangelical Christian. He is one with a large following who has not taken the leap into the depths of culturalized Christianity and is giving a clear warning about Christian Nationalism. Rod Dreher is another politically conservative writer who is full on advocating for a strong “state” thatContinue reading “A clear view of Christian Nationalism”

The last ten years have re-wired us, Part 4

Part 1Part 2Part 3 In his article, “Why the Past 10 Years of American Life Have Been Uniquely Stupid,” Jonathan Haidt has laid out the case for the downfall of practical thinking and directly correlates it to the rise of social media. He likens it to the Tower of Babel, how we all communicated withContinue reading “The last ten years have re-wired us, Part 4”

The last ten years have re-wired us, Part 2

Part 1 is HERE. I want to walk through Jonathan Haidt’s article because it is worth breaking down and considering. BONUS: Haidt gives possible solutions for discussion, which is a highlight of his writing. What social media created any 2012 were new algorithms to play UP posts that would create hate and animosity. The goalContinue reading “The last ten years have re-wired us, Part 2”

The last ten years have re-wired us

In February 2012, as he prepared to take Facebook public, Mark Zuckerberg reflected on those extraordinary times and set forth his plans. “Today, our society has reached another tipping point,” he wrote in a letter to investors. Facebook hoped “to rewire the way people spread and consume information.” By giving them “the power to share,”Continue reading “The last ten years have re-wired us”