Thoughts on Reformation Day

November 1 October 31 is Reformation Day. For Pentecostals like me, that usually means nothing. However, having graduated from a Lutheran seminary, I know slightly more about this guy named Luther and am thankful for his life and example. This was his testimony facing a trial in 1521: Unless I am convinced by the testimonyContinue reading “Thoughts on Reformation Day”

The Pope and the Anglicans

I am learning of this story and beginning to see comments on blogs. This may have been something stirring for quite some time, since the American Episcopal church allowed a practicing homosexual to become bishop, but the news on this seems to come fast. Certainly the Pope didn’t walk into this lightly. This will haveContinue reading “The Pope and the Anglicans”

The Systems Are in Place…

Over the past few months I have been preaching on the Holy Spirit. One of the key areas of Spirit-filled life I’ve examined is Acts 2:42. The Early Church had a “system” to catch what the Spirit was doing in their lives. 1. The apostles’ teaching 2. Fellowship 3. The breaking of bread (which IContinue reading “The Systems Are in Place…”

Good to Great in God’s Eyes

Chip Ingram has a book out called Good to Great in God’s Eyes. I am using as a staff book for my church. While the first chapter is a bit more simplistic than I had hoped, there are some great thoughts. One of the key areas to greatness in the Kingdom of God is toContinue reading “Good to Great in God’s Eyes”