The refusal of repentance

It’s probably an apocryphal story, but I do love it:

According to a popular story that has circulated for a long time, a well known London newspaper in the early part of the twentieth century (usually stated to be The Times) asked the question “What is wrong with the world?” and received many replies. The shortest was from G.K. Chesterton, simply consisting of “I am.”

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The Feast of St. Stephen

In my journey from being ordained as a pastor in another tradition to the decision to be ordained as a vocational deacon in the Anglican Church, I have drawn more from the example of Stephen in the Book of Acts.

Today is the Feast of St. Stephen.

O Glorious Lord, your servant Stephen looked up to heaven and prayed for his persecutors: Grant that in all our sufferings here upon earth we may love and forgive our enemies, looking steadfastly to Jesus Christ our Lord, who sits at your right hand and intercedes for us; and who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.

Memory of the First Martyr and Archdeacon Stephen – Orthodox Times

Global Christianity

When we say we have “struggles” with Christianity, or more specifically “evangelical” Christianity, we may then make a mistake and then blame “the Church” as a whole. I come too close to that line far too often.

Tish Harrison Warren makes the case for global Christianity:

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As Advent approaches we are tempted to flood ourselves in light

By all measures it is probable we can all agree we want 2020 behind us… NOW. Why wait until December 31?

We’ve lost loved ones. The world has lost heroes. We’re fighting over masks to slow down a pandemic…

People are putting up Christmas lights and trees and flooding their lives with Christmas music and the Hallmark Christmas Channel.

We want this OVER!

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The ordination

Today I will be prayed over, affirmed, and appointed as a vocational deacon in the Anglican Church in North America. These are oaths to which I give witness:

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Where I failed after 9/11

It’s been 19 years. I can still remember where I was sitting. The memories of halting the retreat where I was attending, huddling around the one TV with bad reception, the shock… calling my family…

Coming out of that time I also knew the word I had from the Lord: “Prepare the Body. The world is different. Get back to discipleship.”

This is where I failed. Miserably.

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