The Readiness of God… and Our Own Readiness

I fully admit I am a “Johnny come lately” to all things liturgical. Growing up Pentecostal and fundamentalist, I honestly have good experiences. I’ve long said I’m not a bitter, recovering Pentecostal. But I am handicapped. I thought all the liturgical churches were bound for hell. As I’ve grown up I’ve realized I don’t needContinue reading “The Readiness of God… and Our Own Readiness”

Look! A Barth Post!

Finally, I have braved the thought of trying to pick up Barth again. About every 300 pages I find something I understand… or I think I understand. I don’t know why I’m trying to pick up Barth again. My life is so crammed full of stuff, this isn’t exactly devotional reading. But for today, I try to lookContinue reading “Look! A Barth Post!”

Barth — The Certainty… and the Mystery

From time to time I attempt to pick Barth back up and see if there is anything I can understand. Occasionally it seems something makes sense. If I get this wrong, please don’t tell me, because this section I read in II.1 is just profound to me as I read it. (Allow me to wallowContinue reading “Barth — The Certainty… and the Mystery”

Not Using the Talent is a Grievous Sin

My text for Sunday is Matthew 25:14-30, variously called the parable of the talents or the parable of the coins or the parable of the gold… something like that. Reading Barth again, I happened on a passage in I.2 where he refers to this parable. He uses this parable as an illustration of the ChurchContinue reading “Not Using the Talent is a Grievous Sin”

Look! A Sentence I Understood in Barth!

I am almost through the second volume of Church Dogmatics. Every once in awhile I find something I actually understand! “The proclamation of the Church is pure doctrine when the human word spoken in it in confirmation of the bliblical witness to revelation offers and creates obedience to the Word of God.” Okay, I willContinue reading “Look! A Sentence I Understood in Barth!”

Barth — Submitting to the Word

For Barth, the testimony of Scripture is received when the members of the Church are willing and ready to listen. They want to get into the Scripture and learn it, interpret it, and apply it. “Correspondingly, we must now say that this testimony cannot be received unless those who accept it are ready and willingContinue reading “Barth — Submitting to the Word”