In our search for the real Jesus in this season of celebration (commonly called “Easter”), we have the force-fed story about the “Gospel of Judas”, which is not really news at all. Along with that comes the long-running battle over who “owns Jesus” in politics. It is tiring. I have had people tell me youContinue reading

A class I am taking on the Desert Fathers has the opportunity to enrich my soul again. My soul is parched. Abba Moses had some things to say about fasting I thought were powerful: “The old man was asked, ‘What is the good of the fasts and watchings which a man imposes on himself?’ andContinue reading

Baseball season is upon us. Opening day is not far away. The Final Four in college basketball comes this weekend. No top seeds made it this year. Who in the world is George Mason? An 11th seed makes it to the Final Four? What a treat. Baseball still has the cloud of steroids. Barry BondsContinue reading

Carlton Pearson was once the darling of the Charismatic world. He is an African American preacher with amazing flare. In the past few years he began preaching the gospel of inclusion. Everyone gets saved in the end. No matter the belief you had in this life, you get to go to heaven. He said recentlyContinue reading

Democracy or Republic? What was the intention of our Founding Fathers? What do we want in Iraq? Walter Williams, one of my least favorite conservatives, aggravates me again with a very valid column.

Serving God in the small things is so painful at times. There is such a pull in evangelical circles to always think big and admire only big. When do we get to quit playing the numbers game? Probably never. An article by David Neff gave me a bit of encouragement, though.

Spiritual hunger lacks in my life. Lately I have been studying American Church History and the life of Jonathan Edwards stands tall. His resolutions are amazing. His passion for the glory of God is HUGE. I am dry. I need a new touch. I need a new baptism.

We often by-pass the issue of abortion these days. It is interesting that in the confirmation process of Samuel Alito as Supreme Court Justice the liberals were upset with him over one basic thing: abortion. These are the same people who would defend Clinton’s choices by saying, “We’re not applying a litmus test.” That beingContinue reading

Big Hairy Audacious Goals. BHAG. Do we live with big dreams? Do we care? We get so bogged down with life. What are our dreams? I want to see my church move in the power of the Spirit. I want to see it established as a truly great church in its city. I want toContinue reading