The stark reminders on Palm Sunday

For our church, we have a liturgy of the palms to begin our service. The Gospel around the triumphal entry is read.

Then, the Gospel around the arrest, trial, and crucifixion of Jesus is read. Both on the same Sunday. We have all week to get to that passage on the crucifixion, so why on Palm Sunday? And, for our tradition, this is the only Sunday this passage is read.

Part of it reminds me of the conflicting expectations of the crowds around Jesus and Jesus himself. The people want a King, but in their model. Their ideology. Jesus is indeed coming as King, but not in their mold. They were asking for a King and God delivered One. They cried out for deliverance and Jesus came to bring a deliverance far beyond Roman oppression.

The reading of two very contrasting texts on the same day is a great reminder that OUR expectations of Jesus and what Jesus actually does don’t always match up. I am also reminded that my expectations are small in comparison to his great answers.

His suffering became our victory.

Lord, I am grateful!

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