Transfiguration Sunday

Exodus 24:12-19
Psalm 99
Philippians 3:7-14
Matthew 17:1-9

The power of these passages set up against the approach of Ash Wednesday and Lent is incredible. The more I walk in the Anglican tradition and the flow of the Church calendar, the more I am in awe of the journey with Christ.

In light of the prayer revival taking place at Asbury University, I am thrown back to the 90s and the Brownsville Revival. Passages like Exodus 24 were common and they may be common at this revival. And why not? They are powerful. It is a hunger for the presence of God. These passages are appropriate.

Then, to set it up against Ash Wednesday and all that is to follow… they have more depth. The bridge is Phil. 3:7-14. The wonder of knowing Christ fully had gripped Paul. It wasn’t just the power of the resurrection, though. It was the fellowship of his sufferings as well.

NT Wright in his “Everyday” commentary on Matthew 17 reminds us that it is often best to put the Transfiguration scene next to the crucifixion scene. There are contrasts and these are needed contrasts. We have to know Christ FULLY. We don’t just get the mountain top. We have to prepare for the valley.

I am so glad for the hunger growing in Kentucky with those students. I wish all the adults wanting to take their YouTube videos as they visit would get out of the way. Let the students experience this time and this glory. It may very well be the Lord is preparing them in some way for a valley to come. No matter what, let HIS glory come!

Transfiguration Sunday is a reminder of his immense glory. It holds up against the coming revealing of Christ’s immense suffering… which will then lead us to his powerful glory once more. If I am to truly know Christ… I know him on Transfiguration Sunday and on Good Friday.

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