Learning Humility

I remember a saying I probably first heard in high school:

“Humility is the virtue of which I am most proud.”

Another thought is: “Just when you think you’ve attained humility… you lost it.”

Richard Foster has written an entire book on learning humility. Attaining it. Recognizing it. He writes this more as journal entries along the way because that’s what he did. He journaled his thoughts on one subject for an entire year.

Self awareness is a key. We need self evaluation and self reflection and find ourselves “wanting”… and then with humility allowing the Lord to deal with all of it.

He quotes Kierkegaard: Now, with God’s help, I shall become myself. (A pretty brave statement.)

And then offers a simple prayer:

Loving Lord Jesus, I humbly ask that you would: purify my heart, renew my mind, sanctify my imagination, and enlarge my soul. Amen.

What a place to camp in my prayer life for awhile.

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