Rise and Fall of Mars Hill — Self-Examen?

The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill podcast was originally a 12 episode podcast that became wildly popular. I thought it had ended, but then found out there were “bonus” episodes so I listened to them. I thought those were finished, then found out yet another episode just came out and it purports to be the end. (HERE)

They can keep on going for all I care. This series should offer a lot of reflection self examination in the American Church. It probably won’t but like the prophets Jeremiah and Isaiah, it’s good to have those records to show where things when wrong.

It has left me reflecting on my own walk with Christ. The culture Mark Driscoll created, or at least exploited, is poisonous. It still exists. White male dominated views of “Christian masculinity” are still in effect. New code words where white male chest thumping happens are developed. With derision, you hear these guys speak bitterly of “woke” churches or “woke” Christians, along with spitting out “CRT” like it’s salt water or mocking women in ministry…

That spirit is still here. We are not paying attention.

Yet, here I am. I still love Jesus. I still love his Church because it is HIS church, not mine (and not white males, either). It is HIS work. Where am I in all this?

How am I treating others?

How am I leading or not leading?

How do I carry myself as a believer? What fruit can people see in me?

These are the questions. These will continue to be the questions.

The American Church still refuses to sit in self-examination, so this may go on for quite some time. But THAT is the work of the Lord. It is HIS to prune.

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