Expose death

We hide the reality of death and dying in America. Ironically, we have an obsession with death or near death in our entertainment, but when the thought of the reality of death comes near, we hide it all too often.

“To being depriving death of its greatest advantage over us, let us deprive death of its strangeness, let us frequent it, let us get used to it; let us having nothing more often in mind than death.” (Michel de Montaigne quoted by Arthur Brooks)

It’s not a fascination with near death in a fictional way, but to walk in the journey with those facing death. This is what we need. We don’t hide it away. Contemplating our end can make us think of life in a more meaningful way.

Part of my true hope in thinking about what I’ve called “Last Third Living” is that I get to “call my shot” in death. Morbid. I know.

But not really.

When I was pastoring I had a church member call me to her house and let me know she had cancer and she was ready to die. She then spent weeks showing all near to her how to walk with Jesus to that place where heaven and earth truly touch and ushered us all as close to the reality of heaven as I will ever get in this life. She could “call her shot” and in doing so gave me lessons in dying I cherish.

It’s not about watching horror movies or zombie shows.

It is about walking with people in the reality of what is truly “the end” and seeing life all the way through. This will help us get a grip on the love for life we can have right now.

Expose death. Don’t hide it.

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