Digital Minimalism

My wife and I recently listened to Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport on a trip. I was so impressed because he wasn’t calling for a whitewash of digital products in our lives. He was desiring to draw people back to thinking, meditation, clearing the mind, and developing deeper friendships once again.

This is started me on a new journey. My phone is an addiction. I’ve deleted apps I felt were pure distractions for me. I was always checking my phone and when there wasn’t a text waiting, I would move in and out of 4-5 apps minimum just to kill time. I am trimming down for the sake of down shifting my lazy habit.

I will keep Facebook because it is trimmed down to people I really know and I get interaction on there. Twitter is just my angry space, so it’s going away.

I will cut down time checking Facebook and I will cut down responding to things on Facebook. I will comment less, “like” less, but always say happy birthday when I notice a birthday. 🙂

I will also share blog posts on Facebook.

I want to interact more meaningfully, so I DO have a favor to ask of you. I would like to write more notes. I don’t want to quickly comment on your status anymore. I want to give a couple of thoughts that might mean more, so I would like to utilize the archaic functions of pen, paper, and the Post Office and write more.

If you wouldn’t mind, drop me an email or direct message with your physical address if you’d like a note from time to time. (My email is cdanielthompson @ gmail dot com)

Please don’t be alarmed if I happen to reach out to you and ask you for your address.

I am simply trying to build better interaction that is more meaningful in my life.

I want to have the “last third” of my life count in deeper ways. I don’t want to be a Luddite and toss out all technology. I want to have more meaningful ways to talk, to listen, and to live.

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