Being trained

Ephesians 4:20–21 (NIV): That, however, is not the way of life you learned when you heard about Christ and were taught in him in accordance with the truth that is in Jesus.

How have I “learned” Christ? We don’t just “fall” into discipleship or formation. Everyone it gets an education. The question is what kind? This is what I reflect on when I come to this part of Ephesians.

From my dad and mom: show up. Love being in church. Serve. Give yourself and resources to help in the church. I have met others who dread going to church because their parents “dragged them to church every Sunday.” Somehow, I was spared that feeling. Not because our church was exciting or we had the best preaching or the best music or whatever. We had bad pastors and good pastors. We had gossip and we had people who lifted everyone around them to a higher level. I never had a youth group of any size worth mentioning.

And somehow I fell in love with Jesus. And his body. It’s embedded deep in my soul. I am so thankful for that part of my training.

I had professors who taught me to love learning. What a priceless gift! Others who taught me to love the Word and love the lost and love missions. I am so grateful for their example and guidance. What great teachers!

I have a spiritual father who has taught me to love the Church. He has taught me how to be a shepherd. He has shown me how to care.

Everyone gets an education. I am so deeply thankful for mine. They created deep channels in my life, allowing me to learn safely… and to keep on learning.

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