The noise is overwhelming

I wrote a few days ago about “clanging cymbals” from 1 Corinthians 13. I am now in 2 Corinthians 4 and the message is the same: I have too much noise in my life.

The passage from Romans 12… same message. As I walk through these Ancient Wells passages this time I understand more and more this is what the Lord is wanting to tell me. In my ministry, my life, and my spiritual journey I have often kept in mind Romans 12:1-2 and known (in my head) about the danger of being in the culture’s mold.

Yet… here I am. Full of the noise of this culture. I am angry and deeply disappointed over the continual downward spiral of the America Church… and then I look at my own interior life and realize I am also guilty of allowing in so much noise.

This trip through these Ancient Wells is a call of grace from the Spirit. Break the mold. Renounce the shameful ways of darkness. Quit playing the same game the culture wants you to play: anger, quick emotion, despair, fear… all of it. These are the issues to deal with in the American Church and in the culture.

And, it turns out, in me.

I may not “fear” in the same way as the conservative American Church, but I still have noise in my life that keeps me from dealing with other issues and that is a type of fear as well.

I am a clay jar. That’s it. I’m fragile, cracked, and pretty ugly. And that is God’s amazing design. I want to trade the clay jar in for something like sterling silver. God wants the cracked pot that is Dan Thompson. That is the opportunity for the glory of God to shine through. This is the walk I will be attempting to take. Shake off the noise. Turn full face into the glory of God’s presence. Let his light shine through.

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