Good grief

With my dad passing I have known grief would be my companion for a good while. Even before his passing I had a sense of grief’s presence. Still, I am not good at grief. I work to embrace this walk, but I stumble a lot.

This is where our nation is and has been and may just always be this way. I noticed it acutely on 9/11. We barely grieved… and then we were ready for war.

The recent mass shootings… passing 1 million deaths from COVID… all of it… we have raced to our political bunkers and started firing our salvos. I certainly have.

What we have missed in all of it is GRIEF. We have refused to grieve. In Uvalde, TX, 19 children and 2 adults were killed. Violently. Then, the husband of one of the teachers killed died just a few days later from a heart attack. That alone… I am left without words.

I have a hard time taking the time to grieve over my loss… and it’s multiplied in my thoughts when we just can’t stop as a nation and MOURN these losses. To weep with those who weep.

THIS STORY grips me. Let grief PLEASE wash over us.

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